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Laugh and Stay Healthy

The American Heart Association has proved that laughing reduces your heart problems, as the circulation of blood becomes smooth. In fact, laughing reduces nearly 40% of your health problems.Try to change your attitude towards life because most of the times you spend time thinking about your past. Instead of that recall the moments of your life that brought pure joy to your heart. Naturally you will feel good.

Similarly, when you begin laughing, it soothes your mind and you feel good.You may have experienced many practical jokes in your real life in the classrooms, offices or even at home. Always store them in your mind and laugh out whenever you feel you need it in order to relieve your tension.There are innumerous ways to induce laughing.

You can watch television and enjoy the comedy scenes like tripping, falling, skidding which are extremely comic. Even the comic books will help you in these cases. Sometimes it so happens that when you are watching the comedy scenes on the small screen, you begin to recollect funny memories and begin laughing even more. Laughter is an amazing stress-fighting therapy. It relaxes your muscles and clears your mind. We many a times take life very seriously but if we discover laughter in the midst, then we will always be happy.

Pack your life with laughter always.

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By: Paul Cris


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