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Dear parents, When I was a teenager, at school the boys wore tight black chinos and loud plaid 'cowboy' shirts. The girls wore cotton dresses and bobby socks. When we went out, we were dressed up in a nice suit and the girls wore fancier dresses and bobby socks.

Now, I''m ashamed to bring my grandchildren to a classy restaurant. They have nothing decent to wear, just their peer pressure impossible clothes their parents paid a fortune for. Can somebody explain how they got to pick what they picked? It's even hard to tell the boys from the girls. No, I don't think the schools should go back to wearing uniforms, but green hair? Here's a poem I wrote about the new generation. Confused in Morristown.Where do the teenagers get their fashions?
With everyone else they seem to be clashin'.

The twenties noveau brought in dropped waists;
Now the dropped crotch is much in good taste.
Tight sweaters were all the rage in the forties,
Triple X tents are now considered jaunty.
A farmer wore jeans for their work as a digger;
Today with worldly teens, jeans are d'rigeur.
While I don't suggest they should all be frumps,
Why do they wear them all at once?.


Retired portrait photographer. Comments anyone?.

By: Kenneth C. Hoffman


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